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Crystal healing bracelets and keyrings Crystal healing bracelets and keyrings Gift Boxes. 194626441 Crystal healing bracelet Rose quartz for accepting love. Amethyst bringing calm. 189382837 Crystal healing bracelet 189382838 Crystal healing bracelet Yellow turquoise and smokey quartz to lift mood. 189382839 Crystal healing bracelet All the blues to help with communication. 189382840 Crystal healing bracelet. Working on the sacral and heart chakras. 189382841 Crystal healing bracelet Turquoise for healing eyes, Carnelian for negativity. 189382842 Crystal healing bracelet Loving, soothing, calming, acceptance 189382843 Crystal healing bracelet Working on balancing three chakras to bring balance of mind body and spirit. 189382844 Crystal healing bracelet. 189382845 194625581 194625582