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Trance Art

Imagine the healing that people receive when they get true evidence of the afterlife. Knowing they will meet their loved ones again. Allowing them to move on with their lives on this earth until that day arrives. All of my art in the gallery can be viewed in this way, they are all produced in the same way. By using a kitchen sponge and watercolour paint. My spirit guides choose the colours that are used.  I link with spirit and just cover the paper with the paint. Then spirit appear in seconds before your eyes.
The colours used have a message in them for the person having a reading. The paintings can be turned 4 times and show many people and spiritual scenes. The last turn contains your past lives. You will see a scene from a different era. You may see angels, fairies, Jesus, Mother Mary, Saints, Ascended masters.  Also look for the writing that appears on them. They very often contain our loved ones in spirit. Be aware they can make you jump, they might wink at you.

You can order your own personal, unique painting  by following the instructions on the Automatic painting page. Let me know when you order if you would like an email showing your painting under the lights at no extra cost.